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Best Travel Insurance

In the course of the years, travel insurance has been very confusing and I keep hearing individuals asking, " if Travel insurance is identical in health insurance."

To all our new readers welcome to Vicillo, In today’s article, I will be talking about Travel insurance and telling you everything you need to know about travel insurance.

What is Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance provides protection from everything wrong that can occur while you are on a trip (either business or pleasure), from the loss of your luggage to the loss of lives. 

Now that we know what Travel Insurance is, let's begin with the insurance coverage.

The fundamental categories include medical insurances, rescue in an emergency; accidental death and decomposition; travel and luggage security. The typical combination of coverage from insurance plans in all these categories means that money can be saved by understanding what you are doing and not needing to do.

MEDICAL INSURANCE: Now this covers any bills that you would need to go to a hospital outside the country. First, however, you have to consider where you are going. You may not need that in Europe or Canada, because healthcare is usually free even to non-citizens visiting these countries. However, in the United States, it could cost you thousands of dollars out of your pocket even when you are visiting a hospital quickly.

Please be aware that travel insurance is not a substitute for your home health insurance. It is only protection from accidents in other countries.

You can't use it to clean up your teeth, but if you get hospitalized for malaria, that will cover you. That said, there are global health plans if you're an American, or if you're already paid for health care at home. So find a plan with worldwide coverage if you travel frequently.

EMERGENCY EVACUATION, ACCIDENTAL DEATH, AND DISMEMBERMENT: No one thinks about dying or being severely wounded, but you still want this type of insurance when these accidents occur. Urgent evacuation insurance pays for you to be taken to or flown home to a local hospital. Imagine that you are someplace isolated, such as the Rocky Mountains of Canada. You fall off a cliff, or you could get a serious accident in a third world country that doesn't have an excellent medical scheme, and you need to go back to the hospital with a helicopter to rescue your life. Helicopter rides to the hospital are not cheap.

Emergency evacuation insurance company pays for your flight to your home nation so you can receive the right medication. This can bankrupt you and your family without medical coverage. There are many pubs in Southeast Asia with jars for backpackers who have suffered a motorcycle crash, are dead brains but too poor to fly their comatose bodies to their home Nation. 

TRAVEL PROTECTION: If for some reason, you have to cancel at the last minute, Travel Protection will refund you for the costs of your travel. You need this, then? Well, if you want to book everything beforehand, it's likely meaningful to purchase it. However, you probably don't need it if you prefer to get to the target and pay for services. Please also keep in mind that, buying your air ticket with your credit card, you might be insured through your credit card provider.

BAGGAGE PROTECTION: This is the last form of travel insurance, covering everything that was lost or harmed during your flight. For any baggage stolen or damaged during your course o travel, airline companies are responsible for covering the cost over a certain amount, also if your credit card was used to pay for the plane ticket you would get insured. Just make sure you check the limits and get insurance for anything over that. It is also possible to insure your property against robbery, loss or harm, which is very clever when you travel with computers and camera facilities. If you have insurance for home renters or house owner, you might already have coverage, so just check your insurance policy.

Whatever plan you choose, ensure that the following is included:
Coverage for insurance in the countries you visit.
Proper protection for your valuables.
24hours customer service.
Medical insurance for Sicknesses and Injuries.
Insurance from natural disasters, civil riots, war.

Finally, remember that the following are not covered in most Insurance Packages:
Extreme sports, skydiving, hang gliding, Bungie jumping or snowboarding off peaks and also automobile accidents involving third party or happens when you are drunk. Any reckless activities being done by you that leads to an accident might not be covered by your Insurance Company.

Regardless of your Insurance company, all Insurers would avoid paying you, so you ought to be smart about it and keep and keep records of all your insured properties, bookings, and reservations, rentals and payment tickets.

It takes a lot of time to file a case to your Insurance Company, several documentations has to be done, so be sure to double check everything before you file it or you might end up having to repeat the same process.

All right guys, if you found this article helpful and informative, share it with your travel buddies and Also, if you have any tips of your own, or more questions about this topic or anything Insurance that you would like us to write about, please put them in the comment box below.

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